SharpMinds News

20 Oct 2017
New Office in Uzhhorod
We are very happy to announce that SharpMinds has launched a new office in Uzhhorod.
09 Oct 2017
Beta Release of Eazegames Platform
Last week we celebrated the successful beta release of Eazegames platform. To help the guys test the platform, we arranged the company tournament.
19 Jul 2017
Recruitment Department
So, we did it! We have reinforced our recruitment team substantially.
07 Jul 2017
Deezze Team Demo
Yesterday we had a great cross-team demo where all Team Leaders presented results of their teams work for the last few months.
06 Jul 2017
Our PHP team has just returned from the business trip to Enschede
If by any chance, you have been offered an opportunity to visit the client’s site, do not hesitate and start packing for your trip straight away!
29 May 2017
SharpMinds Practice Program for Students
Since it has always been an important issue to grow our own talents, we are happy to announce .Net Practice Course for University students at SharpMinds.