About Us
SharpMinds is an international IT company established in 2005 in a picturesque tourist and
educational centre of the Western Ukraine, Chernivtsi.
With more than 200 professionals on board we have successfully delivered a number of projects in such technologies as:
Being a leading company in the region we provide software development services to
European clients and ensure reliable customer support.
For businesses
SharpMinds is not only the name of our company, but the essence of our people. We believe that best IT solutions come from strong teams of brilliant talents.

With our assistance you can build a team of your dream to fulfill your most ambitious business ideas. In a favorable work environment , where the main value is trust and direct communication, your developers will be totally involved in your project.

Agile methodologies, strong HR management, project coordination, bookkeeping and legal support will no longer bother you!
For developers
With SharpMinds you can reach the boldest career milestones, dive into challenging projects together with your team mates, and focus on your professional and personal growth.

At our company you will have a possibility to constantly improve your English speaking skills, engage in knowledge sharing events and Scrum activities, join fun corporate parties and meet the best IT professionals.

Long-term projects, effective team-building practices, objective performance evaluation and salary raise system, these are few of the benefits SharpMinds will offer to you!

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