Flutter developer

About company:

SharpMinds is a Ukrainian IT company, which is a part of a Dutch holding HelloFlex Group with headquarters in Hilversum, NL.

Working with the Dutch businesses for over 16 years, we have managed to grow to 150+ employees, 2 comfortable offices, more than 30 successful B2B projects, professional ICT, HR and Project Management services, and even more. We have succeeded in building people-oriented environment, where individuals are valued, teams are productive, and business needs are met.

Project description

An app where you can make a profile, fill in a survey about you and your ideal partner, see matching scores of potential partners and can set up dates with them. The app provides a Tinder like experience, with swiping but with a couple features done differently. In the app you’ll see suggested activities and matching people in your area who are available to go on an activity or to an event with you. Next to that you can only have 5 matches at a time and you can only chat when you go on a date together. The app provides an “auto-swipe” function based on AI for premium members.

Duration - 6 months (possible prolongation)

Location - Ukraine

  • API based on NestJs 7.0.0v,
  • Database - MongoDB 4.2v and Mongoose 5.1 (
  • also, they config Mongo replica-set(transaction, autobackup... etc...).
  • For user matching algorithm - Elasticsearch 7.0 v
  • Frontend - Flutter (stable branch)
  • Architecture - BloC pattern
  • Frontend-Backend connection is done using REST API
  • Source code is hosted at GitLab

We offer:

  • Full-time position;
  • Challenging and interesting projects from European companies that include direct communication with foreign clients;
  • Full social package
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Free English classes