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If you are a business owner and a lack of needed expertise slows you down we will help you to build a team of professional developers instead of expensive freelancers. Our approach is to find a perfect match person for every unique request, and we are delivering this since 2005 with precise performance and accuracy like a Swiss watch. Work under dutch legislation, build a dream team of developers, forget about office hustle, optimize expences - earn all benefits of nearshoring and steal the show!

How it works

  • Define requirements

    Define requirements

    SharpMinds consultants collect customer project and profile requirements.

  • Find candidates

    Find candidates

    SharpMinds recruitment team attracts skillful candidates.

  • Select the best

    Select the best

    SharpMinds project coordination team pre-selects matching candidates.

  • Interview with customer

    Interview with customer

    SharpMinds customer conducts project interview.

  • Monitoring cooperation

    Monitoring cooperation

    SharpMinds project coordinator initiates and monitors cooperation state.

  • Evaluate performance

    Evaluate performance

    SharpMinds supports the team and the customer with performance evaluation process.

  • Share knowledge

    Share knowledge

    SharpMinds facilitates knowledge sharing and technical growth.

  • Work together

    Work together

    SharpMinds organizes business trips for the customers and the teams to work together.

Our clients

  • Medical Groep
  • Databrydge
  • Skydreams
  • Calder Holding
  • Sparkles
  • Embrosa
  • Freelancer nl
  • ProLinker
Gijs Tempel

Gijs Tempel

Medical Groep

We have been working with SharpMinds for 3 years now, and since the start of cooperation it just goes really well. When we started, they help us to find the correct programmers for our CareUp app, but after they helped us also with our planning system for Medical Groep. I think our programmers and 3D artist are really motivated and they work hard, so we are very satisfied with our team here, in Ukraine. If somebody is looking for development and offshoring I always recommend SharpMinds as a reliable partner.


Why Outsource a Software Development Team to Ukraine – Benefits of Nearshoring.

12 February

Outsourcing is one of the tools for your business to achieve competitive advantages. It represents an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for some business processes. Information Technology Outsourcing is one of the Business Process Outsourcing types together with Engineering Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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“ Increase your development capacity by hiring a dedicated remote team at SharpMinds without recruitment fuss! “

Dion Metz

Dion Metz

Sales consultant